Beyond the Pickle

AC4SA Pickle Pod collects gritty, no-gloss, authentic conversations with former Student-athletes ranging from high school to professionals.   The long-form podcast format and the pointed questions persuade guests to reveal all aspects of their athletic journey, including the adjustments, surprises, setbacks, challenges, and struggles.  

Beyond the Pickle extracts relevant clips from the Pickle Pod discussions and helps current student-athletes digest the concrete, useful insights and pocket wisdom applicable to their future journey. 

The podcast host, Jack Sundberg, steers an inviting, impactful discussion with a team or group of  Student-Athletes, helping them share their reactions and encouraging them to consider many of the guest’s sentiments of “If I only knew then what I know now.”

The student-athletes journey as in life is full of impermanence and imperfections. These former college athletes tell their own story about falling and getting up.  Practicing what sport has taught them …  mental toughness and resiliency to overcome and the internal motivation to be a better student-athlete and, more importantly, a better person.

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