Academic Coaching

Academic coaching focuses on the process of learning and teaches students the executive functioning and study skills necessary for success in the higher education classroom. All student athletes can benefit from working one-on-one with an academic coach.


Combining years of experience as an academic coach for college athletes and teaching in secondary schools we have designed our approach to fit the high school student athlete.


We get to know our students and that connection is the key to our success. We gain insights into their strengths and also their challenges. We help them develop tools and strategies to overcome obstacles and to become efficient at time management.

The student will complete an intake survey and during a follow up meeting (with or without parent/coaches) we will establish an academic plan.

Coaching sessions include:

  • Weekly 1 hour academic coaching sessions

  • Lesson Notes/Weekly Reports to Parents

  • Unlimited Student Texts, Calls, & Emails

  • Communication with school personnel (as needed)

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