COMORP is a community outreach marketing vehicle for its sponsors and event partners, providing a key component for their social impact strategies. Support given to COMORP by sponsors and event partners has a direct and lasting impact on individuals and communities, in addition to offering increased awareness for a company’s products and services, strengthened branding efforts and a closer connection with consumers that traditional marketing efforts cannot offer. 

Increased visibility-reputation growth-stronger branding-deeper connection to customers-networks and relationships created-lasting impact in communities.

COMORP’s sponsor and event partner support is a homerun for everyone—community outreach organizations and individuals in need receive support, companies build deeper community ties, and COMORP sponsors and partners create meaningful relationships fostering a stronger business community.

If you or your business is interested in becoming a part of the COMORP Network please contact us here.

You can make a difference. Help us change the lives of young people and provide them the tools for a brighter future.

Our Sponsors

Community Outreach Partners

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