Changing the Narrative, Breaking the Cycle

Growing up in a poor neighborhood or a harsh environment is stress most of us know little about, but we all probably agree that it's difficult to remedy. So it's hard not to take notice when you hear about individuals who somehow find the aim, stamina, and drive necessary to succeed in the race of life, despite their unfair starting position. How are they different? What was their motivation?

The following Chicago Tribune article gives voice to a few young men who break out of a typical poverty cycle. It provides a glimpse into their inner-thinking and allows them to explain what tapped into their mindset and unleashed a game-changing motivation. The writers identify people and experiences that inspire them to keep working hard and eventually lead to success. Despite the article's 30-year-old byline, the article resonated with the COMORP team because motivating underprivileged children to excel in academics is what we do. The essence of their journey hasn't changed.

At COMORP, our mission is to work with underserved communities, tapping into existing motivations and translating them into academic achievement. Many of these kids are enthusiastic about sports and hope to play in college, but low-income students often lack the guidance and support they need to prepare for college. COMORP taps into their Sport aspirations to motivate their academic achievement.

Our former college athletes' staff provides a lived-experience perspective on how educational and athletic aspirations are linked. They work with the student-athletes arming them with tools and methods to achieve in academics by unleashing the same discipline, effort, and mental toughness they've developed playing sports.

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