Academic Coaching 

The mission of Academic Coaching is to assist student athletes in developing the necessary skills so they will be successful in college. The skills they develop through our programming will not only benefit them on and off the field in college but in life after sport. COMORP provides academic services to student athletes in middle school, high school, and college. COMORP provides informational services to coaches, parents, guidance counselors and other adults playing roles in young student athletes lives educating them on what it takes to truly make it, and thrive at the collegiate level. Services also include regular check ins with student athletes to provide college student athlete like services as well as transcript reviews for NCAA Initial Eligibility requirements. 

High school student athlete's transcript is reviewed to verify if he/she is on track to be a qualifier with the NCAA. The transcript is reviewed for the most rigorous NCAA Initial Eligibility  Requirements, the NCAA Division 1 standards.



A presentation designed to convey what it is truly like to be a student athlete at the next level. The presentation is uniquely tailored to the audience; it can be presented to student athletes, parents, coaches, athletic directors or any  combination.



High school student athlete's receive academic coaching modeled after higher education methods to help student athletes better prepare for the next level. Services include weekly check ins, learning style evaluation, executive function development and more.