Meet Lindsay



Executive Director

Lindsay Sundberg has worked in various roles in the athletic departments of Kansas State University, North Carolina State University, Stony Brook University and most recently at Georgia Institute of Technology.  Lindsay has worked with a wide variety of sports including, but not limited to; football, basketball, equestrian, track and field, volleyball, golf, baseball, wrestling, swimming and diving.

She has recently taken on the role of developing a program for the Community Outreach Partners organization which will target high school student athletes from underserved communities. Lindsay’s first-hand experiences with an incredibly diverse group of athletes as well as a variety of sports and curriculum makes her an invaluable asset to high school athletes as they prepare for the rigors of college academics as an athlete.  Her hope is that through preparation done in high school, these athletes won’t just “survive” but truly “thrive” and get the most out of their academics at the collegiate level.

Sundberg received a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from the University of South Carolina Aiken (USCA) and a master’s degree in Academic Advising at Kansas State University. She was a collegiate basketball player at USCA and was named to the conference all-academic team. She played in the most games in program history, was a team captain and a member of the only PeachBelt Conference Championship team.