Meet Ethan



Success Coach

Ethan discovered his passion for working with youth in 2013 while he was pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Public Communication at the University of Vermont. While he spent the school year pursuing his degree and hoping to get into professional basketball, he spent his summer coaching youth basketball teams. After graduation, he spent a few months working as a substitute teacher.


In November of 2016, he was drafted 71st in the 2016 NBA D- League Draft and he spent the better part of the next year and a half playing professional basketball. Throughout this time, he continued to work with schools and youth teams conducting basketball clinics as a skills coach.


After his time as a professional basketball player, Ethan returned to working with youth, first as a coach, and then as an Assistant Director for an after school program and a behavioral specialist. He has discovered that he has a knack and a passion for working with youth that he just can’t deny.


His current role as a Academic Coaching Advisor and Dream Bigger Program Manager allows Ethan to utilize his skills as a communicator as he reaches out to schools and organizations to offer them academic coaching and basketball clinics. He is also fulfilling his passion to help youth develop themselves into stronger leaders through the sport he loves - basketball.