Dream Big Presentation

COMORP offers enrichment programs for children and young people to provide inspiration for realizing their dreams through its Dream Big Presentation.  The presentation inspires children of all ages to Dream Big by giving them ideas, tools, and inspiration. COMORP wants to inspire young people to Dream Big and truly believes that everyone has the potential through passion and hard work to achieve their dreams.

Program Presentation:

Dream Big, What's Your Why?

Activity: Two-part presentation series given two different days, wrist bands, t-shirts given. 

Message: Discover inspiration and achieve your dreams.

Target Audience: Children grades 4-12 

Time: One hour

Logistics' Details: Up to 25 children

Note: The Dream Big Presentation can be tailored to be done in one day.

Part 1: Introduction 

     a. Video Part 1

     b. What dream do you have inside of you?

Part 2: Jack’s Story 

     a. Video summary of Jack’s baseball career thus far.

     b. Background on Jack and how he got where he is           today.

Part 3: Passion 

     a. Video Part 2

     b. Discussion about what passions are and how to           pursue them.

Part 4: Impossible is Nothing 

     a. Video Part 3

     b. Explain impossible doesn’t exist, and give                     examples of icons who have over come obstacles           along their journey to success.

Part 5: The Journey 

     a. Explain that to achieve a dream, it will be a long           and tough journey but eventually if you put in the         time and work, you can make it happen.

Part 6: Conclusion 

     a. Summarize entire Dream Big concept.

     b. Video Part 4


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