Big Dreamers Program

The Big Dreamers Life Skills Clinic provides young athletes with a process to start thinking about their dreams and the small goals they will have to achieve to get there. The clinic is delivered with a games approach to fully engage the students as they begin to visualize a series of actions that will produce results.  Students will begin by identifying what they are good at as they envision their “dream”.  Using the “Dream Map” as a guide the students will then establish what they can get better at with tangible how to’s.  As the students are faced with obstacles in the next activity the correlation will be made to the roadblocks that may occur on their dream journey. Students will also identify a team of people in their life that will help them accomplish these goals, and eventually their dream through “Go Team Cards.” These cards will be given to people in their life that will help hold them accountable and support them through this journey.  Good, better, how is a powerful tool that the students can use in many facets of their lives.  Sports for young athletes teach life lessons that can help them eventually flourish in a career but more importantly, these lessons help individuals become better people. The Big Dreamers Life Skills Clinic helps jump-start this process for young athletes to become the best versions of themselves.