Baseball Clinics

The mission of the baseball clinic is to empower youth with the knowledge and importance of integrity, respect, discipline, self-esteem, leadership, teamwork and other valuable life skills that breed success. Through baseball clinics and other leadership, mentoring and character developing initiatives COMORP aims to improve a players baseball and life skills. 


Base Running 101

     Objective:  Teach base running fundamentals

     Time:  Two days/nights - 1.5 hours per session

     Logistics’ Details:Outdoor field with bases (weather permitting) or indoor facility with running surface

Hitting 101

     Objective:  Teach hitting fundamentals

     Time:  Two days/nights – 1.5 hours per session

     Logistics’ Details:  Hitting apparatus (cage or net) with additional space for swings – Indoor/Outdoor

Position Play 101

     Objective:  Teach fielding fundamentals

     Time:  Two days/nights – 1.5 hours per session

     Logistics’ Details:  Outdoor field or indoor running surface

All clinics can be scheduled from October through March. Target ages are 9-12 and 13-16.

Note: These are examples of previous baseball clinics run. Each clinic will be uniquely tailored to meet the goals of a team, organization, or group.

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